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Moving glioblastoma from terminal to treatable, powered by patients

OurBrainBank is an innovative, patient-led movement designed to move glioblastoma from terminal to treatable, powered by patients.

Our pilot study, which was determined a success and closed in 2021, used a free app that patients or carers used to track symptoms, share data with clinicians, and donate data to medical research. Check back here or sign up for our newsletter to learn about our next steps.

Read our GBM Bill of Rights andprint out a copy to take to your doctor

Resources for people living with GBM and their care partners including clinical trial matching, navigation help, and support

Jessica Morris’ memoir IT’S ALL IN MY HEAD

Podcast:The terror of brain cancer, fighting for time and the desperate need for a new approach,” Crisis What Crisis? podcast with OBB UK Board members Andy Coulson and Richard Clemmow

GIVE: PayPal, JustGiving, or mail a cheque to: OurBrainBank UK 12 Beverley Road, London W4 2LP 


Our founder, Jessica Morris (1963-2021), lived more than five years after her 2016 glioblastoma diagnosis. Read her story
OurBrainBank is a completely new approach to cracking cancer. We focus on one of the most complex and aggressive brain cancers — glioblastoma — because overcoming one of the toughest cancers may be the key to cracking them all.

OurBrainBank is designed by, for, and with people with glioblastoma.

We aim to collect data and turn that data into medical currency aimed at accelerating progress.

OurBrainBank is a powerful community of people affected by GBM supporting each other through a Facebook group, newsletter, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and a YouTube channel. We’re growing all the time, please join us.

Medical Advisors
OurBrainBank started in the US and our medical advisors include top neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, academics, and other experts in glioblastoma from Columbia University, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the NIH, Memorial Sloan Kettering, NYU Langone Health, Northwell Health, and more. Full list of advisors.

UK board photos

OurBrainBank UK Board

Jessica Morris, Founder and Chair (1963-2021)  

Jake Arnold-Forster, CEO  

Jana Bennett (1955-2022), Media Consultant

Alex Bennett-Clemmow, Researcher 

Richard Clemmow, TV and radio producer and journalist 

Laura Nuttall, living with GBM  

Nicola Nuttall, Advocate 

Andy Coulson, Founder of strategic advisory firm Coulson Partners  

Simon Matthews, Communicator and CEO, co-founder Cohere Partners  

Our board includes passionate professionals from the worlds of media, healthcare, tech, strategy, business, and communications — some living with GBM, all touched by the disease.

11,725 new cases of brain tumours are diagnosed every year in the United Kingdom 

GBM is the most common high grade cancerous primary brain tumour found in adults in the United Kingdom

Glioblastoma is the fastest growing form of brain tumour and extremely difficult to treat

5% of patients survive more than five years 

Jessica Morris, founder
“The prize is great: when we crack glioblastoma, we will make serious inroads to cracking all cancers.”
— Jessica Morris, Founder of OurBrainBank
Dr. Florien Boele

“I hope that OurBrainBank can give us insights which ultimately enable us to improve the care given to patients.”
— Dr Florien Boele, Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James’s

“The key to tackling GBM lies in research. Collecting data could have a real impact on our ability to extend lives.”
— Fabio Iwamoto, MD, Deputy Head of Neuro-Oncology at Columbia University
Two strategic interrelated programmes:
OBB Explore: researchers use patient data & methodology.
OBB Engage: patient-centered advocacy

Media around the world has covered OurBrainBank’s groundbreaking work including the Evening Standard, the Daily Mail, The Guardian, and more.

OurBrainBank launched in the UK in 2019. If  you can support us in any way and help us realise our aims, please donate via UK PayPal, JustGiving, or mail a cheque to:
OurBrainBank UK
12 Beverley Road
London W4 2LP

©OurBrainBank UK 2022. Registered Charity: 1184699. The OBB pilot study was UK University Ethics approved. Principal Investigator: Dr Florien Boele, YCR Academic Fellow at the University of Leeds Institute of Medical Research and Leeds Institute of Health Sciences. OurBrainBank launched in the US in 2018.