We urgently need funds to:

  • Roll out our free app to meet demand. Patients are desperate. We need funding to secure the same regulatory, ethics approval we have in the US in other countries.
  • Engage more patients and caregivers through smart and savvy communications. We must meet the demand from desperate families.
  • Analyze data collected to help medical, scientific, and technology leaders understand the patients’ perspective and incorporate that data in their research.
  • Expand our virtual patient support network, where people share experiences, seek advice, and provide critical real-life experiences.
  • Support the GBM community with video calls
  • Exhibit at leading venues worldwide, so others may see our innovative approach.

In the UK: please donate via PayPal UK or mail a cheque to: OurBrainBank UK, 12 Beverley Road London W4 2LP UK

In the US or rest of the world: please donate via PayPal, give on our Go Fund Me Charity page (or start your own campaign), or send a check to: OurBrainBank, Inc, P.O. Box 835, Telluride, CO 81435-0835 USA.

You may also help by selecting OurBrainBank when shopping on Amazon Smile.

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