JOIN in the UK

GBM patients or care partners in the UK: please join our IRB-approved study using a mobile device. Patients must be age 18+ and in the UK.OBB app

To start: Using a smartphone or tablet, download the OurBrainBank app from the App Store or Google Play.

Registration code: OBBUK (patient must be 18+ and a UK resident)

You’ll be asked questions about demographics, diagnosis, and treatments. See our YouTube channel for useful “How to” videos for the registration process.

Frequently asked questions

In case of emergency, contact your medical team.

brainstrust offers resources and including guides for the newly diagnosed and a free helpline for non-emergency questions: 01983 292 405

The OurBrainBank Study received ethics approval from the New England IRB #120170332 (US) and the University of Leeds (UK). OurBrainBank launched in the US in 2018.