Jessica's Story

I was blind-sided. Hiking upstate — a happily married mother of three with a great career — I suddenly had a full-blown seizure. Two days later I had brain surgery. I was given a diagnosis of GBM, a disease with a median survival of 14 months.

That was January 2016. Frustrated by the paucity of options and terrifying life expectancy, I enlisted other patients, neuro-oncologists and tech experts to create OurBrainBank — the first non-profit created by, with, and for people like me: living with GBM. It’s an innovative, patient-led movement designed to move GBM from terminal to treatable, powered by patients.

I pour my passion and terror into OurBrainBank. We have a free app patients and caregivers use to track symptoms, and donate data to medical researchers. I spend hours a day offering support to fellow GBM travellers. We provide hope for a better today, and hope for a longer tomorrow. Cancer turned my life upside-down, but now I’m leading a movement to change that. Learn more about my treatments on our YouTube channel.