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All in My Head: A memoir of life, love, and patient power

After Jessica Morris was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2016 until a few months before she died on June 8th, 2021, she wrote a blog of her journey with this terrible disease. It spanned all the highs and lows, recording her experimental treatments, her battle to maintain hope, and how she poured her determination to find a cure into the creation of an exceptional non-profit: OurBrainBank.

And she did another amazing thing: she took her blog and used it as the backbone of a memoir that she wrote before she died. That book, “All in my Head: A memoir of life, love, and patient power” is being published by Little, Brown. It came out in the UK on the anniversary of her death in (June 2022). Order the book in the UK (US and Canada release is January 2023) or the audiobook.


Cover of All in my head
If GBM is my life challenge, then OurBrainBank is a determined effort to turn challenge into opportunity. From negative to positive. From death to life. To persuade all of you, and all of me, that we can turn this monster disease around.

— Jessica Morris, Founder, OurBrainBank

You can also look back on Jessica’s blog. She poured all of the humour, passion and vibrant writing contained in this blog into her memoir. All In My Head takes us on her journey with her, sharing with us her profound and moving reflections on her life, her desire to continue living, and the importance of allowing patients a direct say in their treatment.

The OurBrainBank board is determined to keep Jessica’s flame alive, for everyone affected by GBM, and for a better future. We are committed to raising half-a-million dollars for OBB in her memory. Please join us: Read the New York Times Obituary and Jessica’s Story.

From the publisher: 

“All In My Head is a memoir by a woman who in her early 50s received a life-shattering diagnosis. It is about her determined search for effective treatment, the birth of a campaign to get proper data and funding for research into glioblastoma (GBM), and finally her coming to terms with the knowledge that she has reached the end of the road.

Jessica Morris takes the listener on a whirlwind journey. How does an ordinary person who last studied biology at aged 16 negotiate with world-renowned doctors and surgeons about cutting-edge treatments she must decide between? How do you remain positive when the median statistics suggest you have only 14 months to live? How instead do you cast those fears aside and bounce back?

All In My Head is much more than a book about GBM. It takes the listener into the life of a woman who, when confronted by devastating news, chooses to be strong. It is about fighting adversity with hope and finding reasons to be positive in the darkest moments.”