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OurBrainBank Pilot Study 2028-2021

In 2018, OurBrainBank launched its pilot glioblastoma study using a free smartphone app that patients or care partners used to track health indicators, play neurological games, and more. The success of the pilot study demonstrated that people living with GBM would contribute health data to a central database using mobile technology. 


– 2018: Fabio Iwamoto, MD et al presented a poster about the pilot study at the Society for Neuro-Oncology conference
– 2019: OurBrainBank published “The Potential of Patient Power
– 2021: “Pilot study of smartphone-based health outcome tracking (OurBrainBank) for glioblastoma patients” published in the journal Neuro-Oncology Practice

In 2021, OurBrainBank closed the pilot study and will develop OurBrainBank 2.0 using new technologies to continue to harness the power of patients — both by collecting data and helping people day-to-day. Our goal: accelerate research for tomorrow and improve the outcomes and quality of life of people living with GBM.

We are now poised to expand to full scale implementation — sustaining and expanding OBB partnerships with academics, researchers, clinicians, and people living with GBM to gather patient reported outcomes that will not only empower patients to manage their disease, but will accelerate research and advocacy.

We thank everyone who helped make our pilot study a success and look forward to new and exciting developments. 

Like to continue using the original OurBrainBank app designed by uMotif?

Two options:

1). Continue to use the OurBrainBank app currently on your smartphone. It’ll be exactly the same, however the data you generate will not be collected for research. This would be for your personal use and to share with your medical team (how-to video). Please note that current downloaded versions of the OurBrainBank/uMotif app 1.0 will continue to work, but will not be updated or supported.

2). Download the free uMotif app from the App Store or Google Play using code OBB100. This app is similar, however, GBM data will not be collected for research. Participants may export data for their own records (how-to video).