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Honoring the legacy of Jessica Morris

Members of the press: below are photos of OurBrainBank founder Jessica Morris. You are welcome to use the photos for an obituary or article on Jessica and OurBrainBank. Please credit as indicated. Read more about Jessica


Quotes from Jessica Morris

“I see my diagnosis of glioblastoma as a license to be ambitious. World leaders in GBM need to come together to accelerate, innovate, and save our lives. People like me, living with glioblastoma, want and need better treatments and, ultimately, a cure. We want to work collaboratively with scientists and the creators of life-saving new treatments. The prize is great: when we crack glioblastoma, we will make serious inroads to cracking all cancers.”

“If GBM is my life challenge, then OurBrainBank is a determined effort to turn challenge into opportunity. From negative to positive. From death to life. To persuade all of you, and all of me, that we can turn this monster disease around.”

Jessica’s Story

New York Times obituary