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Sadly OurBrainBank founder Jessica Morris died of glioblastoma in June 2021.

A note from OurBrainBank founder Jessica Morris

Hi everyone,

How are you doing? I’m sitting out on the balcony of our Brooklyn home staring across the back yards and dictating to my husband Ed. My beautiful sister Frances is also here with me on a visit out from London.

A lot of water under bridges since I last posted on my blog — can’t believe it was back in April. I’ve had what seems like millions of operations since then to try and keep TEF at bay, most up in Boston with an amazing team of doctors along with my on-going incredible care from Fabio and co in New York.

I’m still in the fight, battling to deal with this disease and really at the cutting-edge of medicine. I’m on my second round of chemo, and another bout of radiation. The challenge has got tougher. TEF snuck itself into my speech area which screws with my speech. 

Finding points of light when things are a bit grim, and surrounded by my loving family and friends.

— Jessica Morris

I can have the clearest thought and not be able to find the words to express it. I
t’s also harder to move around and it’s been a while since I could read as my peripheral vision is shot, though I make up for that by listening to podcasts and trying to email through audio transcription programs that drive me crazy.

I’ve also turned into Humpty Dumpty, and just got back from hospital after a few days after a recent tumble. But sitting out here on a Saturday afternoon in the oasis of our garden is such a joy. And having had the kids with us for several months cos of Covid has been an unexpected bonus. Life has gone on, pared down like for all of us but with great moments like Felix and Emma’s respective graduations from uni and high school.

And then there have been some exhilarating moments. Like having such wonderful responses to the memoir I’ve written, All In My Head, which has a UK publisher and is out for review in the US, with a brilliant literary agent Zoe fighting my corner.

Even social distancing didn’t stop Felix, Tess and Emma getting out there and BLM protesting. We have a BLM flag hanging on the front of the house and a placard that says BLM on one side and ACAB on the other. The kids display it in the front window as ACAB, Ed then turns it to BLM, then the kids turn it back again. And so it goes on…

Anyways, in case you’ve been wondering, I’m doing okay despite it all. Finding points of light when things are a bit grim, and surrounded by my loving family and friends. Which means you guys.

Please don’t think I’m not thinking of you, I am, and loving all your messages even when I don’t get the strength to reply for which forgive me.

Lots and lots of love,


October 12, 2020