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We urgently need funds to:

  • Roll out our free app to meet demand. Patients are desperate. 
  • Engage more patients and caregivers through smart and savvy communications. We must meet the demand from desperate families.
  • Analyze data collected to help medical, scientific, and technology leaders understand the patients’ perspective and incorporate that data in their research.
  • Expand our virtual patient support network, where people share experiences, seek advice, and provide critical real-life experiences.
  • Exhibit at leading venues worldwide, so others may see our innovative approach.

Pease donate via PayPal UK or mail a cheque to: OurBrainBank UK, 41 Cheverton Road, London N19 3BA UK

In the US or rest of the world: please donate via PayPal or send a check to: OurBrainBank, Inc, 4628 Vernon Blvd, Suite 308 Long Island City, NY 11101

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©OurBrainBank UK 2019. Registered Charity: 1184699. The OBB study is UK University Ethics approved. Principal Investigator: Dr Florien Boele, YCR Academic Fellow at the University of Leeds Institute of Medical Research and Leeds Institute of Health Sciences. OurBrainBank launched in the US in 2018 and in the UK in 2019.