Board and Medical & Tech Advisors

Jessica Morris, Founder and Chair

Kelli Duprey, Treasurer, Senior Pharmaceutical Executive

Andi Phillips, CEO, Maycomb Capital

Claire Wright, Entrepreneur and Attorney

Stacy Chick, Founder & Principal, Synthesis Advisory Consulting LLC

Meredith Moore, founder and principal of Moore & Associates Wealth Management. Living with GBM since 2005

Ed Pilkington, Chief reporter, The Guardian US

Gail Fosler, President of The GailFosler Group LLC

UK Board

Jake Arnold-Foster

Jana Bennett
Media Consultant

Jessica Morris
Founder and Chair. Living with GBM

Julia Hobsbawm
Writer & Editor, host of The Human and the Machine

Simon Matthews
Experienced communicator and CEO, co-founder, Cohere Partners

Medical and technical advisors
Fabio Iwamoto, MD, Neuro-oncologist, Columbia University

Terri Armstrong, Senior Investigator, NIH

Marina Benaur, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University-New York Presbyterian

Alexis Demopoulos, MD, Neuro-oncologist, Northwell Hospital

Bruce Hellman, CEO, uMotif, developer of OurBrainBank App

Mario Lacouture, MD, Dermatologist, Memorial Sloane Kettering

Lakshmi Nayak MD, Neuro-Oncologist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Daniel Orringer, MD, Neuro-surgeon, NYU Langone

Joshua Silverman, MD, Radiotherapist, NYU Langone

The OurBrainBank Study received ethics approval from the New England IRB #120170332 (US) and the University of Leeds (UK). OurBrainBank launched in the US in 2018.