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A little lockdown lift-me-up featuring a variety of artists who recorded performances to raise awareness and much-needed funds for OurBrainBank. Watch the video

And please consider supporting the charity and the artists.


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Thomas Cameron is a Glasgow based visual artist specializing in oil painting. He created the cover portrait, inspired by glioblastoma patient Cordelia Taylor, who shared the story of her scars in this short Guardian film.
Instagram: @thomascameronart Twitter: @ThomasCameron



Cathy Lemmon & Amy Simpson are neighbors living in St. Margaret’s, Richmond, London. They decided to meet at an appropriate distance in their back gardens and play an Irish tune.

A jangly five-piece pop band featuring veterans of the Glasgow indie music scene, Bodyheat’s latest mini album, Indoor Music, is available here.
Twitter: @bodyheatglasgow


Nalini Paul was born in India, grew up in Vancouver, and has been living in Scotland for most of her adult life. As a keen walker and lover of the outdoors, her writing often touches on themes of migration, memory and landscapes. See more of her work here.
Twitter: @NaliniPaul888



Vintage obsessed Scottish crooner (and gin enthusiast… and ice-hockey fan) LouHickey shares a solo version of the song she once recorded with Fratellis singer Jon Lawler as oeine Velvet Club. Keep up with her activities here.
Twitter: @LouHickey

Chris Alderton, guitarist with London-based band The Amazons, decided to perform Led Zeppelin’s “Going To California” as ‘a piece of music that holds its own played only by an acoustic guitar.’ Aside from guitar playing, Chris has spent lockdown exploring the world of digital art for music and musical events.
Instagram: @CJA_art Twitter: @TheAmazons




During lockdown, Barrie started playing a daily tune for friends from his memory of songs learnt from childhood. People seemed to like & share them, so he continues to delve into his musical past, and there are now >60 songs to be found at Bazza B on The Keys.



Sacred Paws is a two-piece female rock band, with members from Glasgow and London. Their debut album, Strike a Match won the 2017 Scottish Album of the Year Award, and their recent release, Run Around The Sun, was in the running for a SAY Award.
Instagram: @sacredpaws Twitter: @sacredpawsltd




Stacey Shackford is an American writer and photographer based in Glasgow. She loves to collect old analogue cameras and experiment with different lenses and film processing techniques to create unique images.



Rowan Smith has played drums and ukulele in a number of Glasgow bands over the years, including the Second Hand Marching Band, Just Joans and Tibi Lubin. The Rowan is her solo project where she gets to play all the other instruments too, with varying degrees of success.
Twitter: @thisisrowan


Gareth Hulse and Katie Clemmow are both oboists who play with some of the UK’s leading orchestras. From their home in Hertfordshire, they recorded Ave Maria, Charles Gounod’s much loved setting of the Latin prayer played over J.S. Bach’s 1st Prelude from his Well Tempered Clavier.