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Glioblastoma is a debilitating brain cancer with few treatment options. People deserve access to quality care and the agency to make informed decisions.

OurBrainBank, with patients and fellow advocates, developed the GBM Bill of Rights, a set of concepts — some practical, some aspirational — calling for an improved standard of care and quality of life. We hope this will give patients ideals and expectations, and help them in their healthcare journeys.

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I have no known major side-effects from the diagnosis and treatment, no recurrences, and live a normal life of a mom, spouse and business owner. 

OurBrainBank is extremely important so that we can monitor and track the data from people that are going through GBM, in order to build a bigger set of data, in order to better understand this disease, so that future patients can benefit from us.

— Meredith Moore, OurBrainBank board member