Zoom is a free internet-based video chat service that allows you to see and hear other people speak. 

 Three options:

– computer or smartphone (audio and video, need to download app)
– smartphone (voice only, like a regular call)
– any phone — including a landline (voice only)

1) On a computer (or smartphone or tablet): download the app before the chat starts. At the start time, click on the Zoom link from the host. (If you’re on a phone, be on wifi, otherwise rates may apply).

2) On a smartphone: click on the “one tap” numbers, your phone will dial the number and the code automatically, then you listen and talk like a regular phone call. (Audio only, rates MAY apply depending on your plan)

3) On any phone (even a landline), dial the number closest to you, (audio only, rates WILL definitely apply unless it’s a local call, check the website for international numbers).

Need help learning to use Zoom video chat? Let us know via email at info@ourbrainbank.org we can do a practice call before the chat.

Watch this helpful “how to” video. You’ll join as a participant, so don’t need to learn how to set up a call. 

Want to set up your own Zoom video calls? it’s free to sign up (the only limit to a free account is that calls must be under 40 minutes). It says “sign up with a work email” but you can use any email you have access to. Great way to keep up with friends and family!