OurBrainBank is hiring (March 2020)

Job description:

Development of a comprehensive feasibility study/business plan for a clinical trial matching service for patients with glioblastoma — the most common type of adult brain cancer.

Contract details:
Start date: early May 2020
Completion date: late August 2020

Application process:
Please send resume by 27 March 2020
Interviews will be held in early April 2020
Final selection by end April 2020

For a full job description, please direct queries to: Aurelia Driver 929-262-9565

Short-term contract for Healthcare Sector Business Plan Development

About OurBrainBank:
OurBrainBank is an innovative, patient-led movement designed to move glioblastoma from terminal to treatable, powered by patients. It’s the first non-profit created by, for, and with people with GBM, a rare and deadly brain cancer. 15,000 people are diagnosed with GBM in the US each year; the 5-year survival rate is 5%. Our key tool is a study that patients or carers join by using our free mobile device app. The app enables people to track their symptoms and treatments.

In less than 2 years, we have 570+ people using the app and have collected 11,000+ data points. The app is available in the US and UK, we’re working on further global expansion.

Less than 10% of GBM patients enroll in clinical trials, while more than 95% believe that trial enrollment would enhance wellbeing and longevity. In order to close this gap, we want to establish a new OBB venture — a human centered clinical trial matching service — OBB Empower.

OBB Empower will provide GBM patients with nurse navigators who will collect their medical records and data, and match them to a set of clinical trials. The service will be free of charge to patients or carers.

To establish a hybrid feasibility study and business plan for OBB Empower.

What are we looking for?
Dedicated proven senior leader or an entrepreneur who is experienced, charismatic, great with numbers and narrative; ideally with contacts in sectors likely to support this endeavor when it gets going.

What are the skills?

  • Knowledge of tech, health, or entrepreneurial application
  • Excellent with flexed spreadsheets and presentations
  • Proven ability to work solo, fast, mastering both macro analysis and micro detail
  • Flair presenting material in a clear-cut way
  • Great people-skills and research skills.

Timing: Draft due early summer; Final by end of August 2020